Victor Hugo, Paris

A mix of rigor and respect

Sarah Dray brings a positive and pragmatic approach to each of her interior design projects. For her, there is a solution to every problem. Her decoration is typified by perfect precision, a quest for balance and a deep respect of the past. “I always like to work with the aesthetic codes of the building in which a space is located,” she says. “For me, it’s essential.

She confesses a love of symmetry, favors strong axes, as well as gentle, soothing color palettes. Moreover, she likes to work either with existing architectural details or to reinstate them with the help of some of Paris’s finest craftsmen. Her interiors feature cornices, moldings and fluting, which structure and frame spaces, giving them both an innate elegance and a sense of poise.

In contrast to these more classical elements, the furnishings she chooses tend to be more contemporary in spirit. Her rooms are often enlivened by striking lighting fixtures and transcribe her love of natural materials, such as alabaster, oak and wool. The result is interiors that are both of today and truly timeless.

Beyond aesthetics, Sarah believes the key to each project lies in creating a harmonious relationship with each of her clients. “While I very much have my own style, I’m also adaptable and a very attentive listener,” she says. “I’m convinced the most successful interiors are due to a complementarity between client and designer.