About Sarah Dray

How would you describe the Sarah Dray style in a few words?

I’d like to think it’s polished, refined and timeless. For me, an interior should be like a beautiful navy suit for a man… classic and discreet so it will never go out of style.

Your interiors are also very structured and precise. What does that bring?

Structure gives a sense of coherence. When everything is well thought-out and orderly, it makes your life so much easier.

How do you use color?

I particularly favor soft tones and semi-plain hues. I always like the architectural envelope to be quite neutral and add color through things like decorative pillows or paintings.

Who are your design icons?

Jean-Michel Frank for his use of materials and Eero Saarinen for his light, pared-down forms.

What have been your most recent inspirations?

I’ve been looking more at Art Deco. I particularly love the use of curves mixed with strict symmetry.

What are the main characteristics of your personality and how do they help you in your work?

I’m a very upbeat, positive person and always keep calm even in challenging situations. There’s a lot of psychology involved in our profession and people tell me I’m a good listener. I’m also not at all susceptible. Sure, I stand up for my ideas, but at the end of the day, what’s most important is that my clients are happy with the end result.

Can you say a few words about your working methods?

I try to be as available and reactive as possible. My clients can reach me at any time of the day. I also create a WhatsApp group for each project, which allows for a more instantaneous, interactive exchange than by phone.

Most of your commissions to date have been in Paris? How does your approach differ when the project is elsewhere?

Of course, I adapt to each specific location. I decorated a villa in Corsica, where the main concept was to focus on the view of the sea. You feel almost like you’re on a boat. I also designed a hotel in Saint Tropez, where my goal was to create a very natural feeling.

What’s something we’ll never see in a Sarah Dray interior?

The color red.

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