Monceau, Paris

A 225m² apartment for a family with three children

Total transformation: Nothing had been done to the flat for decades. The electrics were antiquated and there were squat toilets. The renovation work lasted 18 months and the layout was completely revised.

Sofa sculpture: Measuring four meters in length, the DS600 model from De Sede in the sitting room was the first piece of furniture to find its place. “For me, it’s like a work of art,” says Sarah.

Playing with reflections: Antiqued mirror is used to create different effects. On the entry hall ceiling, it reflects the geometric pattern on the floor and provides a classical touch. Around the sitting room fireplace, it helps to magnify the space.

Ready for change: “I don’t like to treat children’s rooms in an infantile way with pink flamingos and hot air balloons,” asserts Sarah. “I want them to be easily adapted as the kids get older.” Here, she integrated similar architectural elements as in the rest of the apartment.